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     FOREVER fenugreek

Trigonella foenum-gracum

leaves Seed 

Fenugreek is  native to India and southern Europe. For centuries it has grown wild in India, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Where it is mainly cultivated. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to combat fever and grown in classical times as cattle fodder. In India it is used medicinally, and as a yellow dyestuff. It is also an oriental cattle fodder and is planted as a soil renovator. In the West, fenugreek’s therapeutic use is now largely confined to the treatment of animals, though historically. It has been used in human medicine. The name derives from the Latin ‘Greek hay” illustrating its classical use as fodder.

The Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia has described many therapeutic uses of Methika. In day to day life, Methika also called as methi or fenugreek   is  cooked and eaten as vegetable dish in India. The leaves used for this purpose, are beneficial to augment the appetite and as anti-flatulent. In Ayurvedic scriptures, various synonyms for methika are dipani – increases appetite, bahupatrika – has abundant leaves, gandhaphala – has aromatic fruit etc. The seeds of four herbs grouped together are called as chaturbija. They are methika, candrashur (Lepidium sativum), krisnajiraka (Carum bulbocastanum) and yavani (Carum copticum). The total effect of chaturbija is hot and it alleviates vata dosha. It is valuable combination salutary for vata diseases and is specially recommended in the treatment of low backache, dyspepsia, flatulence and abdominal pain


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